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New horizon, vibrant state, colorful people with their rapidly changing lifestyle, modernization in one word metamorphosis – this is our new West Bengal. On one hand it has fascinating culture, rich history and heritage and on the other hand it has modern, techno-savvy, upwardly mobile people. The land of West Bengal has in it intricately woven stories of many civilizations and settlements which left their footprint here. With the memory of that rich history West Bengal boasts of different ethnicity, culture, religion and languages and most importantly the diverse landscape -flanked by the Himalayas as the top and decorated by the natural beaches and a unique biosphere, the Sunderbans in the south. Let us unfold the true Bengal – its history, its real nature, its culture – the canvas with all colors.


Capital city: Kolkata

Chief Minister: Mamta Banerjee

Governor: Keshari Nath Tripathi

High Court : Kolkata  High Court

The Acting Chief Justice: Dr. Manjula Chellur

Number of Districts: 20

Specialty of State: Agricultural Produce

Produce/ Speciality Rank in India
Rice 1
Jute 1
State Population 4
Wheat 9


National Parks:

Sl.No. Name of National Park Special Species (if any important) Important Remarks
1 Sunderban Tiger Reserve Sunderban Tiger Reserve   is one amongst the initial nine Tiger Reserves constituted at the time of   inception of the Project Tiger scheme in the year 1973. considering the ecological importance of this area it has been designated by the UNESCO as a natural World Heritage Site in 1987.
2 Buxa Tiger Reserve Buxa Tiger Reserve (BTR) lies in Alipurduar sub-division of Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal. Its northern boundary runs along the international border with Bhutan. Buxa Tiger Reserve created in 1983 comprises entire forest area of erstwhile Buxa Tiger Division and some territory of neighboring Cooch Behar Forest Division.
3 Gorumara National Park Gorumara National Park is a National Park in northern West Bengal , India . Located in the Terai region of the Himalayan foothills, it is a medium-sized park with grasslands and forests.It is primarily known for its population of Indian Rhinoceros. Gorumara was a reserve forest since 1895 . The park was declared a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1949 , on account of its breeding population of Indian Rhinoceros . It was declared an Indian National Park on January 31 , 1994.
4 Neora Valley National Neora Valley National is situated in the Kalimpong subdivision under Darjeeling District , West Bengal spread over an area of 88 km² established in 1986 is one of the richest biological zones in the entire Northeast. The land of elegant Red Panda in the pristine undisturbed natural habitat with rugged inaccessible hilly terrain and rich diverse flora and fauna together make the park an important wilderness zone.
5 Singalila National Park Singalila National Park is a national park of India located on the Singalila Ridge at an altitude of more than 7000 feet above mean sea level, in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal . It is well known for the trekking route to Sandakphu that runs through it. The park was declared a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1986, and was made an Indian National Park in 1992. The region had long been used as the trekking route from Manebhanjhyang to Sandakphu (the highest peak of West Bengal ), and Phalut


Important Dams, Rivers and Lakes:



Sl.No. Dam River Nearest City Type of dam
1. Kangsabati Kumari Dam Kasai Bankura Irrigation
2. Dangrajhore Dam __________ Puruliya Irrigation
3. Hanumata Dam Hanumata Puruliya Irrigation
4. Lipania Dam __________ Puruliya Irrigation



Sl.No. River
1. Ganga
2. Bhagirathi-
3. Jaldhaka
4. Torsha
5. Tista
6. Mechi
7. Balasan
8. Mahananda
9. Hooghly



Sl.No. Lake Located in/near
1. Motijhil Lake Murshidabad
2. Mirik Lake Darjeeling
3. Lal Dighi Kolkata
4. Rasikbil Lake Cooch Behar
5. Senchal Lake Darjeeling
6. Rabindra Sarobar South Kolkata


Important Power generation plants:

Sl.No. Plant/Project Type/Category Remarks (if any)
1. Sagardighi Thermal Power Project Thermal Power In the first phase, two units of 300 MW each were syn­chro­nized on 21.12.2007 and 13.08.2008 respec­tively. The Main Plant Pack­age was awarded to DEC, China.
2. Santaldih Thermal Power Station Thermal Power Santaldih Thermal Power Station is located in the district of Puru­lia, West Bengal.
3. Bakreswar Thermal Power Project Thermal Power Bakreswar Thermal Power Project, under The West Bengal Power Development Corporation Limited, is one of the most reliable and prestigious coal-​fired power plants in West Bengal and in India as well
4. Bandel Thermal Power Station Thermal Power Situated on the western bank of Bhagirathi River, Bandel Thermal Power Station
5. Kolaghat Thermal Power Station Thermal Power Situtated at Mecheda 55 Km.(Approx.) from Kolkata by South East­ern Rail or By NH-​6.



  1. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport- Kolkata
  2. Bagdogra Airport — Siliguri
  3. Nazrul Islam Airport — Durgapur
  4. Malda Airport —Malda


Folk Dances:

Sl.No. Folk Dances Remarks (if any)
1. Brita Dance Brita Dance is actually a traditional folk dance of West Bengal. It is generally performed by the barren women of the state, in order to invoke the blessings of the Gods, so that their wishes for a child are fulfilled.
2. Gambhira Dance Gambhira dance is performed on the song of the same name. In this dance, there are two main dancers, who are accompanied by a chorus
3. Chhau Dance Chhau Dance is one of the most renowned tribal martial dances of India. The dance is known as Seraikella Chau in Jharkhand, Mayurbhanj Chau in Orissa and Purulia Chhau in West Bengal.
4. Santhal Dance Santhal is one of the most abundantly found tribes in India. A major chunk of this tribe can be found in West Bengal and Jharkhand
5. Tusu Dance Tusu dance is basically the celebration of the arrival of an auspicious and pleasant season. Groups of girls from the district go to the riverside every evening, in the Pausa month, to sing and perform.
6. Lathi Dance Dance is a unique art of expression. Be it celebration, remorse, anger, love or pain, dance moves can clearly define every expression.



Munda Tribe

Chero Tribe

Ho Tribe

Garo Tribes

Lohara Tribe

Mahli Tribe

Mal Pahariya Tribe

Mru Tribe

Oraon Tribe

Paharia Tribe

Kora Tribe

Bhuiya Tribe

Bhutia Tribe


Important Regional Festivals:

Sl.No. Festival Name Remarks
1. Durga Pooja Durga Pooja is the most important festival in West Bengal, celebrated with immense devotion and great pomp and show. This festival is also known by various names here, some call it ‘Akalbodhan’ – the untimely awakening of Durga, while others refer to it   as ‘Durgotsab’ – the festival of Goddess Durga and even ‘Maayer Pujo’ – the worship of the Mother Durga.
2. Ganga Sagar Mela West Bengal is the state of fairs and festivals. A large number of festivities take place in this state throughout the year. Amongst them, one of the most famous fests is the Gangasagar Mela. It is held in the month of January-February, on the Ganga Sagar Island, at the mouth of the river Hooghly in Bengal
3. Jagaddhatri Puja The culture of West Bengal is adorned by numerous fairs and festivals. Goddess Durga is one of the most religiously worshipped deities here and many of the festivals celebrated in the state are meant to pay regards to Her only. Jagaddhatri or Jagadhatri puja is one of the festivals observed by the devotees of ‘Durga’ – the Goddess of Power, who is also called Jagaddhatri i.e. ‘the Protector of the World’.
4. Poush Mela West Bengal is the land of fairs and festivals. Innumerable festivals are celebrated throughout the year in the state. Apart from traditional festivals, like Durga Pooja and Diwali, harvest festivals like Jhapan and tourism festival like Teesta Tea and Tourism Festival are observed here. Another festival that Bengali people relish is the ‘Cultural Festival of Poush’
5. Saraswati Puja Maa Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of Learning. She is worshipped in almost all the parts of the country with equal devotion. Saraswati Pooja is observed on ‘Vasant Panchmi’, which falls in the Phalgun month (January-February as per the Gregorian calendar).
6. Teesta Tea & Tourism Festival Teesta Tea & Tourism Festival, as the very name suggests, aims at promoting the prospects of tourism in the state. The festival is extremely entertaining and sees the organization of many cultural activities, water sports, food fête, toy train ride, and film festivals.
7. Vishnupur Festival Vishnupur, situated in the Bankura district of West Bengal, is the seat of ancient culture of Bengal. Adorned by magnificent art and architecture, this city tells the tale of the golden era of the state.
8. Naba Barsho Naba Barsho, also known as Poila Baishakh, marks the beginning of New Year in Bengal. It is celebrated on the first day of Baishakh, as per the Hindu calendar. According to the Gregorian calendar, it falls either on April 14 or 15.


Important Temples/Archeological Monuments/Sites:

Sl.No. Temple/ Archeological Monument/ Site Located in/near
1. Kalighat Kali Temple Kolkata
2. Chandraketu’s Fort 24 Parganas (North)
3. Lalji Temple Bankura
4. Nil Kuthi Mound Murshidabad
5. Dutch Cemetery Murshidabad
6. Qutub Shahi Masjid Malda
7. Ramakrishna Math Kolkata
8. Victoria Memorial Kolkata
9. Dakshineswar Kali Temple Kolkata
10. Rasmancha Bankura
11. Ancient site Burdwan
12. Gate of Old Fort Bankura
13. Stone chariot Bankura
14. Rudreswar Temple Burdwan
15. Mounds Dinajpur (West)
16. Baisgazi Wall Malda
17. Firoz Minar Malda
18. Dutch Cemetery Murshidabad
19. Nil Kuthi Mound Murshidabad
20. Tamluk Rajbati Purba Medinipur
21. John Pierce Tomb Midnapore
22. Metcalfe Hall Kolkata
23. Beth-el-Synagogue Kolkata
24. Two stone pillars Malda
25. Bhavaniswar Mandir Murshidabad


Nick Names/Special Titles of Cities:

Sl.No. City Nick Name
1. Asansol Land of Black Diamond
2. Darjeeling The Queen of the Hills
3. Durgapur Ruhr of India
4. Kolkata City of Joy

City of Palaces

Cultural Capital of India

Gateway of Eastern India

Heaven of the Aged

5. Malda Mango City
6. Siliguri Gateway to the Dooars

City of Hospitality


Sport Stadiums/Arena:

Sl.No. Stadium/Arena Sport-Purpose City
1. Salt Lake Stadium ___________ Kolkata
2. Eden Gardens Cricket Kolkata
3. Rabindra Sarobar Stadium Football Kolkata
4. Kanchenjunga Stadium multipurpose stadium Siliguri


Constituency of Cabinet Ministers:

Sl.No. Name Constituency Ministry
1.  S.S. Ahluwalia Darjeeling Agriculture & Farmers Welfare

Parliamentary Affairs (MoS)

2. Babul Supriyo Asansol Heavy Industries

Public Enterprises (MoS)


Sea Ports in West Bengal

Port Name Haldia Port Also Known As Port of Kolkata

Opened In– 1870

Constructed by– The British East India Company

Operated by– Kolkata Port Trust

Owned by- Kolkata Port Trust, Ministry of Shipping, Government of India

Location– Kolkata (West Bengal)


Interesting, Famous and Amazing Facts About West Bengal

  1. West Bengal is surrounded by a few countries, including the Bangladesh, Nepal, and Bhutan.
  1. West Bengal is the fourth largest state in India by population
  1. West Bengal literacy rate is 77.08%, which is one of the highest literacy rates in India
  1. The population density of the state of West Bengal is 1000 per sq. km.
  1. During the British Era, Kolkata was the capital of India before the construction of Delhi capital.
  1. West Bengal state is the sixth-largest contributor to India’s net domestic product
  1. Ram Mohan Roy is considered and regarded as the “Father of the Bengali renaissance”.
  1. West Bengal has given many great leaders and great persons, includes Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Rabindranath Tagore, Khudiram Bose, Matangini Hazra, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, and many more.
  1. Kolkata Metro is the oldest metro in India, which was started on October 24, 1984
  1. West Bengal has a good number of popular tourist attractions, some of them are, Victoria Memorial, Eden Gardens, Indian Museum, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, Tiger Hill, Howrah Bridge, Peace Pagoda (Darjeeling), Kalighat Kali Temple, and many more.


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